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1 Day Tuolumne River Whitewater Rafting Trip

Tuolumne River 1-Day California Whitewater Rafting Trips

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Departures: Daily May through mid-September, 8:30am – 5:3pm

Trip Difficulty: Beginner Class III-IV

Who Should Go: Novice & experienced, Ages 12-97

Type of Raft: Paddle boat, 6 paddlers plus a professional guide

Price Range:

  • Daily: Call for pricing

Not Included: Gratuities, 8% River Use Fee

Available to Rent: Tent & Sleeping kit


The Tuolumne River is California’s Class IV+ premier white water river, rushing through one of the most spectacular canyons in the Sierra! Flowing from the high Sierra, the Tuolumne River creates the “Grand Canyon” of Yosemite as it spills into the Hetch Hetchy Valley behind the O’Shaughnessy Dam above our put-in at Meral’s Pool.

The 1 Day Tuolumne River Whitewater Rafting Trip is perfect for those of you looking for just one day of rafting on a Class IV river.


Step up to the exciting thrills of a Class IV+ Tuolumne whitewater river and join us on a 1 Day Tuolumne River Whitewater Rafting Trip! It’s a good idea to have rafted a Class III-IV river and be adventuresome and in good condition before moving up to the Tuolumne River. The Tuolumne river starts right out with a series of Class IV rapids with chutes, steep drops, holes and reversals to keep us on our toes. Tight, technical and steep describes rapids like Rock Garden, Sunderland’s Chute, and Ram’s Head, leading up to one of the biggest drops in the U. S., the Class V Clavey Falls! This dramatic staircase rapid takes us through two big drops and, hopefully, around a boat-eating hole and away from the left wall–enough exciting, adrenaline rush adventure for us all!

Call our office for the 1 Day Tuolumne River Whitewater Rafting Trip DIRECTIONS and PACKING LIST.

  • Trip Includes

    • 18 miles of river
    • Class II – IV+ whitewater
    • One day rafting
    • Lunch included
    • Wetsuits, if needed
    • Professional guides & instruction, river equipment & shuttles
    • Day 1

      8:30 am: Meet, greet, and sign in with your head guide.

      9:00 am: Board company vehicles and drive 45-min. to put-in.

      10:30 am: Launch your boats and begin 3 miles of Class II rapids.

      Noon: Picnic lunch on banks of the river.

      1:00 am: Continue down river, run lots of rapids.

      4:30 am: Take-Out, board company vehicles, drive back to Casa Loma Store.

      Trip Orientation is always very instructional; your head guide takes at least 30 minutes to discuss safety features of the trip and demonstrate paddle techniques. He/she will demonstrate and explain everything you need to know in order to enjoy a safe, as well as fun, experience. You will gain a healthy respect for the river as well as feel secure that you will be okay. You will meet the other rafters on your trip and meet you own guide.

      Climb into your wetsuit and board the boats because we are ready for rafting fun. Right away we enter Rock Garden, our first of many Class IV rapids. This is an indication of the fun and challenges we will have today. Our pace is quick as we have 18 miles to go. Take a look at the River Map for an indication of the Tuolumne River Whitewater fun to come!

      About noon we stop for a hearty and nutritious picnic lunch. We will need this break in which to energize ourselves with an excellent riverside lunch. We also welcome this break during which we can relax and enjoy the beautiful California scenery.

      After lunch, we re-board our boats and continue our trip. Clavey Falls, Class V, is our very biggest rapid of the day! Clavey is considered to be one of the 10 Big Drops in the U.S. After Clavey, we have Son of Clavey Class III+, Gray’s Grindstone Class IV; Thread the Needle Class III+, Cabin Class IV, Hell’s Kitchen Class IV, The Alps Class III, and Pinball Class IV. You wonder where these names come from? Well, ask your guide.

      At the Take-Out, we all help the guides take the gear out of the river, grab a cold soda or water, and board the river vehicles for the 30-minute drive back to the Casa Loma Store. This is your opportunity to shop for a souvenir t-shirt and say farewell to the new friends you’ve made on your California’s Tuolumne River rafting trip. You should be ready to depart for your next destination by 5-6 P.M.

      It is only seven miles to the Gold Rush town of Groveland where you can enjoy a nice dinner, sip of wine, and an overnight stay in one of the quaint hotels.


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    The Evening Before Your Trip!

    Camping the night prior to your trip is not included. Our meeting place for all Tuolumne river rafting trips is La Casa Loma Store, seven miles East of Groveland.

    From Groveland, drive East to Ferretti Rd. (Careful! Ferretti Rd. also joins Highway 120 just outside the town of Groveland. Drive the full seven miles from the Groveland city limit to the correct Ferretti Rd. exit). Turn left on Ferretti Rd. and then left again to get to the store. La Casa Loma store can be seen from Highway 120 but is located about 100 yards off the highway.
    Your car will be parked at the store for the duration of the trip and the river shuttle service will transport you to the river and back to your car at the end of the trip. There are nice restaurants nearby where you may enjoy a lovely dinner.

    See “Area Information” under “Resources” above.