California Whitewater Rafting Trips near San Francisco and Lake Tahoe
Mariah Wilderness Expeditions - Coordinated by Raft California

Rafting Trip Driving Information & Packing List

This page has links to the California Whitewater Rafting - Trip Information for each of the California River Rafting Trips that we offer. Please select your specific river white water rafting trip with Mariah Wilderness Expeditions. The printable Pdf files will give you driving directions to your meeting place, as well as a packing list. The Trip Information Pdfs will also give you other information to help you plan your trip. We want to make sure that you are river ready to maximize the amount of Fun you can have when you arrive at your destinations. Please do not rely on your GPS, Mapquest, or Google Maps. These devices are not totally foolproof in our remote mountain areas, and they can be confusing. Some people have missed their trip due to faulty internet directions. If you follow the instructions in the attached file and co-ordinate your route using a California road map, you should arrive on time and in the right spot. order cialis lowest prices online

Driving directions to your meeting place and packing list

American River Middle Fork Rafting Trip

  • Middle Fork 1-Day Rafting Trips:
~ Meet at Raley's Supermarket in Auburn ~ Meet at Mariah Camp in Lotus-Coloma

American River North Fork Rafting Trip

  • North Fork 1-Day Trips
  • (Due to California climate condition we will not be offering river trips on the North Fork of the american River for 2015 season!) )
~Meet at Raley's Supermarket in Auburn ~Meet at Mariah Camp in Lotus-Coloma

Tuolumne River Rafting Trip

For Tuolumne 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day Rafting Trips please call the office at 800-462-7424

River Rapids Maps

Other PDF's

These pdfs are colorful, informational fliers which describe the trips. You may use them for marketing, to give you more information, and to get your friends excited.

Camp Map & Tent Rentals - South Fork American River